Why Your Home Isn’t Selling Quickly

Dated: July 7 2022

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There’s a lot of material out there about selling a home. For a variety of reasons your home may not be getting offers. The secret sauce behind selling a home quickly is understanding what helps a home sell. So, how do you get more offers flowing in? You’re about to find out why the lack of offers could be happening.

Why Your Home Listing Isn’t Getting Offers

An incomplete or lacking home listing

It’s challenging to catch a buyer’s attention with a poorly written listing. It’s equally challenging to tempt a buyer if your listing shows only a photo or two. Buyers want to see your home and landscape. Work with your listing agent to show your home at its best. This includes home staging, taking well-lit, good quality photos, ensuring each room is clean and tidy plus highlighting the unique features of your home.

Failure to remove the clutter or use home staging

When you tidy the rooms and reduce the quantity of furnishings and personal touches, a buyer can see the bones of the room. It’s at this point, a prospective buyer can be to imagine themselves living in your home. They can see to the corners of the space and realize how much space is available to fit their treasured belongings.

When you work with a professional stager, they will work with color palettes and accent pieces to highlight each room’s best features. You will also learn about making rooms more neutral to appeal to a broader group of buyers.

Being too attached

Your real estate professional understands your reluctance to put away personal items and take down family photos. When the agent asks you to trust them, you can be assured that your presence at a showing won’t be necessary. The facts are buyers aren’t comfortable walking throughout your home, opening cupboards in the kitchen, checking the faucet water flow or any of the others things buyers do during a walk-through, when you are there. Leave everything to your agent to describe your home’s best qualities and represent your home to its best.

Presence of pets

Even pet-friendly buyers will be turned-off by the sights and odors of your pets. It’s ideal to remove your pets from your home before a showing. Your pets will be more comfortable and less stressed away from strangers walking through the home. The last thing you want is a dog protecting its territory when the potential buyer is nearing saying yes to putting in an offer, a cat having the zoomies during a walk-through, or a noisy bird squawking while the agent tries to point out striking architectural features. It’s not fair to your pet to have to adjust, accommodate the noise, and conversations.

Take this time to repair any pet damage that may have happened over the years. Put away the pet’s toys, food dishes, and any other signs of your pet in the home.

Repairs and restrictions

The majority of buyers are looking for a home that is move-in ready and without restrictions. As much as possible, take care of any necessary repairs when preparing your home to be listed. It’s natural for buyers to want to make some personal touches such as changing wall colors or replacing knobs and handles in the kitchen and bathroom. Moving in and knowing the HVAC system needs fixed or the roof needs replaced isn’t going to be desirable to buyers unless you plan to plan to reduce the selling price to accommodate these repairs and let them know the home is a fixer-upper. Talk with your listing agent to take into account the cost of any sizable repairs.

Doing Better

By avoiding these mistakes and correcting any key areas, you’re doing more to join your agent in showcasing your home in the best ways. I am committed to helping sellers learn all they can to improve their home and make it a compelling listing. If you have any questions or would like to discuss listing your home, please contact me.

Since 2004 Sara Lyn Nguyen continues to bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise about buying and selling real estate around the Houston area to those she serves. Sara is a multi-year award winning REALTOR® and relocation specialist where her clients trust her to have up-to-date information on the real estate market. She has been one of Gary Greene’s Multi-Million Dollar Top Producers and was the #2 Top Producing agent in 2020 citywide. When it’s time to buy, sell, invest, or relocate speak with a trusted professional knowledgeable in the homes and neighborhoods of Fort Bend/Sugar Land and the surrounding region.

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Why Your Home Isn’t Selling Quickly

There’s a lot of material out there about selling a home. For a variety of reasons your home may not be getting offers. The secret sauce behind selling a home quickly is understanding what

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